Real Band-aids by Dede // Launching! It's finally REAL! // December 2018

When I counted down the last seconds of the bandaid project last night, all I wanted to do was to reach each and every one of your front doors and say a huge thank you personally for helping me making that happen.
It was such an excited month for me, it began with a dream that now will come true thanks only to you.
Honestly, I could never predict how amazing your support will be and how crazy the campaign numbers will get ๐Ÿ˜THANK YOU, I appreciate it so much ๐Ÿ˜


It was a REAL event with REAL bandaids and it REALY did happen :)
>>> event link

Above: photos from the amazing launching event. Thank you amazing people for making yesterday's REAL BANDAIDS LAUNCHING unforgettable. If you missed it and like to have some bandaids, you can do that right here



Real Band-aids by Dede // Crowdfunding on Headstart // October 2018

Support Dede's project turning his artistic band-aids to real ones, packed in elegant reusable tin boxes in different designs and sizes

Hi everybody, I just launched ๏ปฟa crowdfunding campaign so I can make my dream come true.
With your support I would be able to produce REAL BAND-AIDS of my design, in elegant tin packages, offered in pre-sale reduced prices for a limited time, ONLY HERE on Headstart.
I will appreciate your support choosing a unique reward from the list on the campaign page at >>>

work in progress at the studio

work in progress at the studio

You might be familiar with my paintings and the public art Iโ€™ve created around the world.
Now, I have a new dream! I want to produce real band-aids as a form of usable art. 
Like those in the pharmacy, only in my design, for anyone to use in a place they want to fix.

my bandaids in the city

my bandaids in the city

Why band-aids? The band-aid is the image I am most identified with. It has been with me for more than a decade.  

I have created thousands of band-aids all over Tel Aviv, obsessively painting them over Israel and gradually around the world. Whether on walls, electric cabinets, entire buildings, or even on people, this is what gave me my second name - Bandaid.

Not many know it, but the reason I started painting band-aids was my traumatic military service. While the band-aid couldnโ€™t actually fix the problems I witnessed, each one I painted made me feel better. 

Since then the band-aid has gathered many meanings. Throughout the years people have told and written me about what the band-aid symbolizes for them. 

I want my band-aids to help others, reach everyone of you, and every place you chose to place them. 

Like my art, my band-aid is incomplete without you. It must be accessible. 

With a little help from you it would be a high-quality, elastic, comfortable and durable band-aid, produced in a variety of compositions and sizes. 

The band-aids would be packaged in elegant, comfortable tin cases that you could reuse and repurpose or display as a collectors item. 

Also, a large box will include a mix of all types and a special surprise for you to discover :)
In the city I create art that is open for everyone. In this project, I dream for you to be more than spectators, but also participants who use this creation. Through Headstart you can receive the band-aid boxes you chose alongside other unique rewards in special prices, and help me face the artistic challenge at hand. 
I sincerely thank anyone who will help me realize this dream.

I will appreciate your support choosing a unique reward from the list on the campaign page at >>>

Territory Games #2 // Gallery -430, The dead sea // May 2018

Territory Games
A bandaid composition I recently painted on an abandoned bunker that once used the Jordanian army next to the Dead sea. Thank you gallery -430 for your support and welcoming hospitality.
The Dead Sea is drying up because of political fights over interests causing irreversible damage to our natural sources. Hurting our own piece of land is simply absurd.
I hope the government will finally decide to start a rehabilitation plan before it's too late.
Dede Bandaid


Territory Games #1 // Gallery -430, The dead sea // May 2018

Territory Games
I got to the Dead Sea with a different idea in mind that I thought to paint but the poor condition of what should have been our own world wonder made me think again and improvise.
Thank you Gallery -430 for your important job, putting up this project to raise awareness. The Dead Sea is drying up because of personal interests and the damage is sad and irreversible.
I hope the people in charge will finally decide to start the rehabilitation plan that is on their table for few years now.
Dede Bandaid


InDEDEpendence Day #1 // April 2018

InDEDEpendence Day
Giving away bandaid flags around Tel-Aviv for the past week. People's reactions were priceless, it felt like a sociological research. And I even got 5 NIS from someone that insisted that I wont work for free