Dede // Do Not Feed the Animals // Solo exhibition at Dan Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Dec. 2015

The exhibition Do Not Feed the Animals introduces a new body of works by Israeli street artist Dede, familiar to audiences from the public sphere. In recent years, motifs that allow to easily trace his imprint keep surfacing in the artist’s works: Band-Aids diversely used, little structures, sheds and buildings all integrate in his paintings, in the figures of animals made of wooden planks, ever on the run, searching or struggling. His large paintings are on display over walls in the public sphere, as well as in galleries, different art events and exhibition spaces in cultural hubs around the world, such as London, New York, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

The present exhibition is the culmination of a long work process, where Dede explored the constantly changing urban fabric. In his new works, he chose to dedicate a special place for the relationships at play between image and place, and between the Israeli art field and the urban environment that it inhabits

Opening: 12/03/15 ,8:00pm, Dan Gallery, 107 Ben Yehuda street, Tel Aviv

Do Not Feed The Animals - invitation. Design: Tal Harada

Do Not Feed The Animals - invitation. Design: Tal Harada

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