Abraham Hostel Stamps // Tel-Aviv, March 2018

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Nitzan Mintz and I had the privilege to hang a new piece of ours depicting four postal stamps on the facade of the Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv. We planned this piece for months, considering the role the hostel has in the surrounding neighborhood, that has undergone severe changes since the works on the light rail has begun. We dedicate the piece to those standing in traffic on their way to work, to the business owners that suffered financially, to the neighborhood tenants that are living under constant construction work, to the tourists arriving from far away to the hostel that gives new life to the old post building, to this wounded area, unites people and contributes to society
We’re so excited and thankful. Thank you to Dror and Mor Tishler, Maayan Nevo and the Tel Aviv municipality, Cobi Krieger, Dar Laor and the entire Abraham Hostel team

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